Custom AI Automation For Business

How much more efficient could your business run if powered by AI? Our automation experts are on hand to help you find out.

What Is AI Automation?

Put simply, AI automation enables you to create AI powered workflows that run 24/7.

Automations could be triggered by an event such as a lead or email being received, or set to run on a specific schedule.

The possibilities for workflows are essentially endless and customized to every business.

You can connect thousands of apps in thousands of combinations to perform millions of potential tasks.

Saving you time, improving your processes, and enabling you to scale your business.

Custom Chatbots

AI Lead Generation

AI Client Management

AI Customer Service


Business Coach

This business coach ran a 6 week program. With the use of AI automation, we were able to…

✅ Automatically send payment invoice, survey, thank you email, course access and calendar booking for next appointment the moment the payment is captured in Stripe.

✅ Transcribe the entire Zoom call, summarize, email a copy to the customer.

✅ Draft 2, 3 and 4 week check in emails.

Marketing Business

This marketing agency wanted a way to repurpose cotent across social media channels, taking into account their different audiences. With this AI automation we…

✅ Take a Facebook post and send the data to ChatGPT

✅ Rewrite the content to match the audience on X, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and a draft Mailchimp campaign.

✅ Automatically post on every platform in the right voice, every time.

Accounting Firm

This accounting business wanted a way to improve their lead follow up strategy. Here is what was implemented…

✅ Lead data logged in Google Sheets and thank you email sent.

✅ All team members alerted via Slack that a new enquiry had been received.

✅ ChatGPT takes all lead data, summarizes pain points and suggests solutions to focus on during call. This is logged in Hubspot and emailed to the team members.

Businesses Like Yours Are Already Beginning To Automate Processes

From online business to brick and mortar, companies of all sizes are beginning to use AI to improve their efficiency & profitability.

And it’s not just the stats saying that. We know first hand.

From tedious tasks and chatbots to social media, customer engagement, lead generation, newsletter writing and so much more, there are endless ways that AI can help you become better and more efficient.

If you do not begin to implement AI in your business, you will quickly fall behind to a more efficient competitor.


How Can AI Automation Help Me?

We implement AI automation workflows in businesses of all shapes & sizes.

The first step is a free discovery call.

During this call we discuss your current business processes, discovering which tasks are tedious and time consuming, and which tasks could be improved using AI.

Each business is different and we work together to find the solutions that would be most beneficial for you.

We provide continued support to make sure you are always staying ahead of the curve. 

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To book your free discovery call and find out how we can improve your business with AI automation, just click the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are very few businesses that would not benefit from automating processes and implementing AI. You may be surprised at what could be achieved.

Yes, our AI automations use a wide variety of AI tools, including ChatGPT.

Every business is different and the cost of implementation depends on the complexity of the job. Book a free discovery call to find out exactly how much it could cost, and how many hours of time it could save you each day.

We work mainly with and Zapier, two of the most trusted platforms in the world for automation.

There are thousands of applications we can connect to each other. If the app you are using is custom made or unique, we have a team of coders in place to help us plug them in.

After your automation workflow has been setup and tested, we will continue to maintain it. If an error occurs or something needs adjusting, we are on hand to help.


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