ChatGPT Black Magic

Access The Ultimate ChatGPT Toolkit

95% people are using a tiny fraction of ChatGPT’s true potential.

Use ChatGPT to help gain financial freedom and save countless hours with this meticulously crafted and regularly updated online guide.

✅ 6 Black Magic Methods

Adapt these groundbreaking techniques for any purpose and see how you can get the results you really want from ChatGPT.

✅ 1,200+ Copy and Paste Prompts

Unleash the AI’s full potential with these expertly crafted ready-to-go copy and paste prompts, for hundreds of topics.

✅ Multipurpose

Copywriting, Marketing, Business, SEO, E-commerce and much more!

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You’ll get lifetime access to this ever-expanding guide for a one-time-payment.

Make ChatGPT Do The Work For You

This comprehensive ChatGPT playbook contains over 1,200 copy and paste prompts.

But its real power lies within the 6 Black Magic Methods.

Because it will teach you the secrets to use ChatGPT to its fullest potential. 

These methods can be adapted for use in thousands of scenarios, and will completely change your perspective on how to use this mindblowing AI tool the right way.

The possibilities for improving your life with AI are endless. Just a few areas ChatGPT can give expert help in are…

Generating Business Ideas


Social Media Management

Website & Ecommerce



✅ Email Writing



​Facebook Marketing

​TikTok Marketing

​CV Writing

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AI is going to profoundly affect the world. Don’t get left behind.

Yeah, AI can be pretty scary. 😱 But you know what’s even scarier? Falling behind.

The truth is, AI is here to stay, and everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon, from big shot investors to small ad agencies to freelancers chilling on the beach in Indonesia. 

So here’s the deal…

Become one of the top 5% of users and you’ll have an enormous advantage.

ChatGPT can save you hundreds, even thousands of hours per year. It can help to create a new life for you, with fewer hours worked and more financial freedom.

But the time to start is now.


These simple copy & paste prompts below reflect less than 1% of what you can achieve with ChatGPT Black Magic

Most people are are only scratching the surface of what this powerful tool can do.

Instead of simply asking ChatGPT to generate tweets or write so-so copy, imagine using it to:

✔️ Brainstorm and write entire novels and ebooks.

✔️ ​Create SEO-optimized content for higher rankings.

✔️ Write video marketing scripts than generate results.

✔️ Write original music that inspires and entertains.

✔️ Summarize complex information into easy language.

✔️ Develop profitable business ideas effortlessly.

​✔️ Generate fresh ideas for creative projects.

​✔️ ​Create engaging podcast interview questions.

​✔️ Optimize Facebook ads and email campaigns.

​​✔️ Streamline your work/life balance.

​✔️ ​Create bespoke​ meal plans for weight loss/gain.

​​✔️ Write authentic, human-sounding reviews.

And countless other tasks….

Start A Business

Looking to start a business and leave the 9 - 5? Not only can ChatGPT help you brainstorm ideas, it can become the business itself.

Grow Your Business

Generate SEO optimized blog posts, product descriptions, projections, social media content, product ideas, effortlessly.

Personal Development

Organize your time, create bespoke meal and workout plans, and improve your knowledge on any topic with your own hyper intelligent assistant.

The difference of just a few words can completely change everything

My name is Matthew Hitcham, and I’m the Creative Director of a Wawa Llama, a TikTok marketing agency that handles e-commerce clients as well as coaches & course creators.

We immediately spotted the potential of ChatGPT when it launched in November.

Since then, we have been meticulously testing, researching, and probing this AI tool so you don’t have to. Everything we have learnt has gone into this guide, and we believe it provides immeasurable value.

How Most People Use ChatGPT

👎 Think it’s just for copywriting

👎 Play for 20 minutes and give up.

👎 Cannot get consistent results

How You Will Use ChatGPT

✅ Get consistent, high quality results

✅ Learn precisely how to ask the right questions to get the responses you really want.

✅ Gain financial freedom and save hundreds of hours of work.



✅ 6 Groundbreaking Black Magic Methods To Push The AI To Its Limits

✅ Over 1,200 Crafted Copy & Paste Prompts

✅ Regularly Updated Online Document

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