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This automation will allow you to scrape any Subreddit on Reddit for trending posts in the last week, month, or year. It will then send those results to ChatGPT to analyze, and then send you an email with pre-validated content ideas for social media or newsletters.


Reddit Scraper Blueprint

Follow the steps below to upload to and get started:

1. Create a new Scenario on

2. Click the 3 dots on the bottom, next to the small plane icon.

3. Click Import Blueprint.

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Times are changing fast, and business that aren’t automating processes will quickly fall behind.

With this comprehensive course & our incredible templates, you’ll learn how to automate things you didn’t think were even possible – without any code – using

Whether you want to automate your own business, or get paid to help other businesses do the same, this easy-to-follow course will show you every step to get started.

ℹ About Pre-Order

Lessons & templates are being drip fed. Some content is available now, with the full release available on July 1st.


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7+ Hours Of In Depth Video Content

7+ Hours Of In-Depth Video Content

Plug & Play Templates To Import

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Who's It Made For?

This course and its accompanying templates have been carefully created for two kinds of people

Small business owners and people looking to learn a valuable in demand skill they can then charge people for.

The benefits for both in learning how to automate processes are enormous.

Business owners can massively increase their productivity, and boost their growth.

And for those looking to set up their own automation business, the value of the templates alone is a 5-figure sum.

ℹ First Content Batch Coming Monday June 10th

⬇️ Included Templates ⬇️

Easily set up the automations below with our downloadable templates. 

Each template comes with a detailed instructional video to walk you through every step of getting set up.

🔥 Newsletter Writer: Create Newsletter Stories From Other Popular Newsletters.

🔥 ChatGPT Assistant In Slack: Add A Trained ChatGPT Assistant To A Slack Channel.The Bot Will Remember Conversations & Accept File Uploads.

🔥 Reddit Scraper: Easily scrape Reddit for trending posts in any topic, then receive an email with content ideas for social media & email newsletters.

🔥 Instagram Comment Auto Reply: Train ChatGPT to respond to social media comments, then approve them before they get posted!

🔥 Proposal Drafter: Have AI create detailed proposal templates from your Zoom meeting recording.


⬇️ Lead Gen Web Scraper
⬇️ Social Media Content Repurposer
⬇️ Lightning Lead Responder
⬇️ Write Draft Responses To Emails
⬇️ Scheduled Blog Writer
⬇️ Blog To Social Media Posts
⬇️ Incredible Email Assistants

ℹ First Content Batch Coming Monday June 10th

Intro To AI Automation

normally $497 / pre-order now for

$97 USD

ℹ First Content Batch Coming Monday June 10th


Learn to create your own automations, and swipe our ready-to-go templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting Monday June 10th we will start dropping content in batches. The final batch of content will be released on or before July 1st.

The price is set to increase on July 1st.

This will depend upon how many automations you create. itself is free for up to 10,000 operations per month. All the modules included in the templates have either free trials, or a free quota. You can get started for absolutely free, and may choose to pay their small subscription fees if you are getting a lot of benefit.

We’ll send email updates when new batches of content drop.

You are not permitted to resell the templates as templates, but you are permitted to use them yourself or implement them for other businesses. You can charge third parties a fee to implement these templates for them.

Yes, absolutely. There is no-code required, and the process for setting up an automation is based more on logic and creativity.


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