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Create Incredible & Unique Print-on-Demand Products

🔥 Endless Print On Demand Designs

Looking to start a side-hustle using AI?

Want to add a range of merchandise to your existing business?

This extensive database of 1,200+ AI image prompts was expertly crafted for print-on-demand products.

And the beauty of AI? No two images will ever be the same. Even when using the same prompt. 

Your design will be entirely unique.


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Start An Incredible Brand

1,200+ Customizable prompts for a huge variety of unique designs:

Anime, American Flag, Camping & Outdoors, Horror, Japanese Art, Kawaii, Tattoo Art, Patterns, Pixel Art, Sci-Fi, Skate/Surf Art, Steampunk, Vintage/Retro



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Why Use Our AI Prompts For Print On Design?

Our AI image prompts have been carefully crafted to create incredible and unique designs for t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, posters, phone cases, and more.

You can create and test as many designs as you like without having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars up front.

Due to the nature of AI image generators, every image you create will be unique – even if using the same prompt over and over again.

Once an image is created, you own the commercial rights and can sell over and over again with zero up front costs.

Frequently Asked Questions


We designed the prompts with Midjourney in mind, but the prompts will work on any image generator.



Midjourney subscribers own all the images they’ve created, even if their subscription has expired, and they’re free to use those images however they’d like. There are two small exceptions:

  • If you upscale an image of another user, that upscale is owned by the original creator, not by you. It will appear in their gallery on the website instead of yours, and you’ll need their permission to use it.

  • If you are a business grossing more than $1,000,000 USD a year, you need a Pro or Mega Plan to use your images commercially for your company.

Yes, you will need to have a subscription to either Midjourney or another AI image generator.

Not at all, you can use the images on any print on demand product, from clothing to wall art, phone cases, and more. We include instructions on how to have the image produced in the correct aspect ratio.

No, you get lifetime access for a one-time payment. There is no recurring billing.

Directly out of Midjourney, no. However, you can easily upscale images for free in order to make them print quality. Full links and instructions inside the product.

After purchase you will be emailed an access link within minutes.

Simply send us an email at, or reply to your order confirmation. We aim to initiate all refunds within 24 hours.

Watch The Process

How Does Print On Demand Work?

Print on demand is one of lowest risk business opportunities that you can start with almost no money at all.

You create a design and upload it to your preferred print on demand service (Printify, Printful, Gelato etc).

The beauty of print on demand is you only pay for an item after the item has been purchased.

Once you have received payment, your print on demand service will print and ship the item for you.

No up front stock required, you only pay for what you sell, after you’ve sold it.

And with our AI image prompts, you’ll have an endless supply of designs to test.

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✅ Each of the 1,200+ prompts will produce a different design every time.

✅ You can create infinite designs for a wide variety of styles.

✅ As soon as the image has been produced, you own the commercial rights.

✅ We provide full instructions on how to upscale, edit, and remove image backgrounds.

✅ Easily add text and make changes with free tools such as Canva.


1,200+ Print on Demand AI Prompts

was $79 / now

$9 USD

1,200+ customizable copy & paste AI image prompts for a huge variety of print on demand designs.


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