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ChatGPT Cheat Codes For Small Business

The ChatGPT Guide Built For Entrepreneurs, Marketers, & Small Business Owners.

95% of entrepreneurs and small business owners are using a tiny fraction of ChatGPT’s true potential.

From generating unreal sales copy to writing online content, creating social media content calendars, analyzing ad data and so much more. 

You could save countless hours on the tedious tasks you hate with ChatGPT Black Magic™️.


ChatGPT Black Magic™️ Is
Your AI Playbook

✅ Advanced Video Tutorials

Unlike other ChatGPT prompt packs, Black Magic is regularly updated and contains easy to follow video content for advanced methods. 

✅ 1,200+ Copy and Paste Prompts

Master the AI’s remarkable potential with these expertly crafted ready-to-go copy and paste prompts, for hundreds of tasks.

✅ 6 'Black Magic' Methods

These cornerstone techniques will teach you how to truly take advantage of ChatGPT and provide you with the skills to become your own AI expert.


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🧙 Make ChatGPT Seem Like Witchcraft 🪄

With ChatGPT Black Magic™️, you’ll learn how to turn this incredible AI tool into one of your businesses most important assets.

Because ChatGPT is far more than just a blog writer.

Discover the methods and prompts which will…

✅ Save you hundreds of hours on the tasks you hate.

✅ Rapidly grow your social media.

✅ Improve your advertising ROAS.

✅ Give you more time on the tasks that are most important.

✅ Stop you outsourcing every job you aren’t skilled at or don’t have time for.


🤖 AI Is A Modern Revolution With An Impact As Big As The Internet.

It’s as simple as that.

You may not like it, but AI is here to stay, and will shape our future in ways we cannot begin to imagine.

It will have an impact on businesses as big as the creation of the Internet.

The jobs of millions will be replaced. But by embracing it from the beginning, you will be grasping one of the biggest opportunities of your life.

ChatGPT can save you hundreds, even thousands of hours per year. It can help to create a new life for you, with fewer hours worked and more financial freedom.

But the time to start is now.


💻 Stop Just Playing Around With ChatGPT. Instead, Use Our Tried And Tested Methods.

✅ 1,200+ copy & paste prompts for the tasks you hate.

✅ Our Black Magic methods & video guides to help you craft your own unique and powerful ChatGPT prompts.

✅ Claw back hundreds of wasted hours doing tedious, boring work.

✅ Stay ahead of the curve with our regular updates.

✅ Realize the true power of ChatGPT and go from beginner to pro!


Most People Are Only Scratching The Surface Of What This Powerful Tool Can Do

Instead of simply asking ChatGPT to generate tweets or write so-so copy, imagine using it to:

✔️ Brainstorm and write entire books and online courses.

✔️ Create SEO-optimized content for higher rankings.

✔️ Write video marketing scripts than generate results.

✔️ Find loopholes in legal contracts.

✔️ Create blog posts from YouTube videos.

✔️ Develop profitable business ideas effortlessly

✔️ Generate fresh ideas for creative projects and side hustles.

✔️ Expertly tutor you in any subject imaginable.

✔️ Optimize Facebook ads and email campaigns.

✔️ Bulk create Instagram posts in minutes.

✔️ Create bespoke meal plans for weight loss/gain.

✔️ Write authentic, human-sounding reviews.

And countless other tasks….

ChatGPT is the world's best procrastination killer. It can take those boring tasks - or those tasks you aren't skilled at - and complete them in just a few minutes.



With The Right Prompt, Everything Changes

My name is Matthew Hitcham, serial entrepreneur, founder of multiple 6-figure businesses, and AI expert. 

My ChatGPT prompt videos have garnered 40M+ views on social media, and spawned a host of copycats.

My team and I have been meticulously testing, researching, and probing this incredible AI tool since its launch, and it has become a cornerstone of my business. 

I want to share with you everything we have learnt and continue to learn.

ChatGPT Black Magic™️

was $59 / now

$23 USD


✅ 6 Groundbreaking Black Magic Methods

✅ Advanced Video Tutorials

✅ Over 1,200 Crafted Copy & Paste Prompts

✅ Regularly Updated

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you get lifetime access for a one-time payment. There is no recurring billing.

For 95% of the prompts and techniques, you do not need to have a paid ChatGPT subscription. 

Once you have completed your purchase, you’ll be sent a link to a website where you can login.

All of the methods are prompts are very easy to understand and to use. No coding is required. Just some imagination and a little copy and paste.

The advanced tutorials are presented in video format, alongside copy and paste versions of any required prompts.

Simply send us an email at, or reply to your order confirmation. We aim to initiate all refunds within 24 hours.

ChatGPT Black Magic™️ contains prompts and techniques for many different topics. They key ones are copywriting, marketing, social media, business growth, brand building, strategy, and data analysis.

There are some key differences. Many ChatGPT prompt packs focus on the sheer volume of prompts inside. Our aim – as well as providing exceptional ready-to-go prompts – is to teach you methods and skills that will enable you to engineer your own prompts, tailor made for your specific needs. 


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